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Alicia’s Last Episode Is One Of Fear The Walking Dead’s Worst

I’m not sure how they’ve done it, but somehow the writers and producers of Fear The Walking Dead manage to make each episode of Season 7 worse than the previous episode (which was worse than the previous episode and so on and so forth).

You’d hope that the final episode for the longest-running character still on the show would be epic, moving, emotionally poignant or at least riveting and shocking, but ‘Amina’ is none of those things. It’s a jumbled, over-written series of dream sequences where Alicia follows around her inner child, “rescues” Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) and then abandons her friends for fear she’s going to turn into a walker.

Then, after a nap in the hot sun, she’s miraculously cured (except for the whole ‘talking to your inner child’ mumbo jumbo) but still heads back to the ruins of the tower to “help people find somewhere safe to go” because that’s totally a normal human motivation that actual people would have. Not sticking with your friends and loved ones. Not helping the people who you actually care about. Just go, by yourself, as a young woman in the apocalypse through the nuclear fallout of Texas to help strangers. To help strangers find somewhere safe to go.

To make up for all the bad things you’ve done. There is no point in really recapping this episode. It’s just a bunch of nonsense strung together with urine-colored filters during all the dream sequences and bad dialogue from start to finish. Alicia passes out, has a vision, wakes up and convinces people it’s real so they come with her, then she talks them into going back to the rafts. Turns out this whole time they could have just ignored the stupid tower, hopped on some rafts and made their way to safety.

But no, we had to waste an entire season fighting over an office building so that we could get some fake, BS ‘makeup’ scene between Strand and Alicia. Awful, awful writing. Awful planning, too. It just beggars belief that professional writers and showrunners could sit down and come up with a plot this hamfisted and convoluted and half-baked. It’s amateur hour on Fear The Walking Dead, once again. Once again, AMC seems totally undeterred by the massive fan backlash and sneering columns like this one, roasting this dumpster fire week after week. Oh, and Daniel’s dementia was cured by the power of his love for Charlie. Maybe she’ll still find a way to get pregnant so her baby can take the radiation from her body like Grace’s baby did and she’ll survive, too!

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