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Which TV shows dragged on way too long? We pick out 10 prime candidates…

Neither short nor sweet.

Its rare for any series even the all time greats to wrap things up at the perfect time. The original version of The Office and 70s classic Fawlty Towers both of which concluded after just a dozen regular episodes are often held up as the pinnacle of how to leave audiences wanting more. You could also throw Vince Gilligans meticulously planned five seasons of Breaking Bad into the mix. And Schitts Creek bravely ended things before any backlash to its record-breaking Emmy wins could gain momentum.

However most shows that are lucky enough to avoid the axe from ruthless TV execs end up outstaying their welcome. Did even the most ardent fans of the Winchester brothers really need 15 seasons of Supernatural for example? Even the never-ending DC universe would now balk at Smallville stretching Supermans origins story across a whopping 217 episodes. And surely Two and a Half Men should have been put out of its misery once Charlie Sheen went off the rails instead of limping on with the charm free vacuum that is Ashton Kutcher. But these shows were only ever mildly diverting at best. From all-singing, all-dancing teen dramas to zombie thrillers heres a look at 10 once-unmissable hits which ruined their legacy by failing to recognise when to call it a day.

Killing Eves first season was a taut cat mouse thriller dripping in psychosexual tension. And even when international assassin Villanelle master of disguise Jodie Comer and her titular Sandra Oh finally came to face the Anglo American production still managed to sustain the intrigue for another extreme helping of will they would not they. But by the time its ridiculously convoluted fourth season was encompassing everything from sociopathic embalmers to Jesus hallucinations even its characters appeared to have forgotten exactly who the central shady organization known as The Twelve were. Its final scene which succumbed to the Bury Your Gays trope also managed to piss off an entire army of shippers too.


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