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Where to Watch Every Episode of “Criminal Minds” Ahead of the Revival

For 15 years Criminal Minds captured the hearts of audiences around the world and garnered a huge following thats influenced several spinoffs an international adaptation and even a video game The CBS crime series which spanned 15 seasons and over 300 episodes was Netflixs mostwatched TV show in the US in 2021 beating out other recordbreaking originals like Squid Game and Bridgerton according to The Hollywood Reporter To the shock of the shows millions of fans Netflix removed Criminal Minds from its platform in June 2022 leaving many wondering where to watch the bingeworthy series

Whether you need to satisfy your thirst for crimesolving procedurals or want to crush on Matthew Gray Gubler again heres where you can stream Criminal MindsCriminal Minds centers around a team of criminal profilers who work for the FBIs Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) as they use psychology to understand the minds and motives of serial killers all while investigating existing murders and working to stop new perpetrators from committing other crimes Each member of the team has their own area of expertise which proves to be useful when narrowing down suspects — aka unkon unsubs — and putting them away
Why Did Criminal Minds Leave Netflix

When Criminal Minds officially left Netflix on June 30 2022 every fan screamed Now where can I stream Criminal Minds season 13! (Or was I the only person in the middle of season 13) The reasoning for the shows departure was actually quite simple According to Newsweek Criminal Minds moved platforms because its licensing agreement reached the end of its term Paramount+ is CBS (the network on which the show originally aireds) streaming platform so it makes sense Criminal Minds ultimately landed there

Criminal Minds may have left Netflix but at least you can still catch the thrilling series on a couple streamer before the reboot hits Paramount+ later this year!
Where to Stream Criminal Minds

The series quickly moved to the competing platform Paramount+ shortly after All 15 seasons of the beloved series are available to stream on Paramount+ as well as Hulu

Paramount+ currently has two available plans with pricing set at $499month with ads or $999month for the adfree option Hulu on the other hand has a variety of plans ranging from $699month with ads to $1299month for the adfree option Paramount+ has a oneweek free trial available if youd like to try and race through the first couple of seasons in that time


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