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This Married at First Sight Astrologer Predict the Cast’s Future

The future is looking bright for the Married at First Sight cast.

As observers continue watching season 15 of Lifetime’s long- running reality show, numerous are participating prognostications about which couples will stay wedded once Decision Day comes around. But before suckers make their final suppositions, they may want to see what prophesier and psychic medium Jessica Lanyadoo has to say.
In footage attained simply byE! News, the Astrology for Real connections author looked at the divination maps of the couples from Married at First Sight. According to Jessica, numerous couples including Alexis and Justin have the largely desirable Sun Venus confluence.

” They like each other,” Jessica said.” They want to be around each other. They can get on really well. One of them will be a bit controlling of the other. It’s true that they make take turns playing that part, or it may be one of them further than the other. They’ve the capability to have a long- term relationship.”
The same thing goes for Morgan and Binh, who also hold the Pluto Saturn forecourt. But according to Jessica, this placement could indicate control issues are on thehorizon.However, effects can get really hot really quick,” she said,” If one of them does commodity in a way that the other one finds to be disturbing.” These two are likely to have a lot of fights.” And also there’s Mitch and Krysten who may have the Sun Venus confluence. still, their full divination maps have raised Jessica’s eyebrows.

” This is a relationship map that concerns me because there’s a difficulty that shows up around being honest,” she said.” And I do not just mean verbally honest. I mean emotionally honest.”
Before she shares too important, Jessica has one piece of advice that could apply to any couple hoping to make a long, lasting love.

” In connections, we do not only need to like each other or love each other or have great chemistry,” Jessica said,” we need to engage with our mates in a way that makes them feel favored and makes them special.”
For further prognostications, watch the videotape over. And watch Married at First Sight( produced by Kinetic Content) Wednesday nights at 8p.m. on Continuance.


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