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Stars of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ coming to WNY

When you think of the shows that have aired on The CW you likely think of Supernatural The Flash Riverdale The Vampire Diaries and more all shows which seemed aimed at a teenage twenty something audience.

It turns out that the age of the average viewer of The CW is a hell of a lot older than you would have thought.It was announced today that Nexstar Media Group is set to take a 75% ownership stake in The CW with previous owners Paramount Global and Warner Bros. Discovery each retaining 12.5%. While speaking of this transition Nexstar President and Chief Operating Officer Tom Carter explained that the age of the average CW viewer is in fact 58 years old.

While theres certainly nothing wrong with those approaching retirement age enjoying shows like Riverdale or The Vampire Diaries the revelation was unexpected and has prompted more than a few laughs on social media.Tom Carter has said that the demographic focus of the CW will change over time as they aim to make the network profitable. He added that the network spends almost twice what its peers do on programming which explains why they do not exactly have a lot of cash laying around. The goal is for the CW to become profitable by 2025 but its not yet clear exactly how Nexstar will achieve that. The network has already axed quite a few shows including Legacies Naomi Charmed The 4400 and more. Additionally long running shows such as Riverdale and The Flash will be ending their runs with their next seasons.


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