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South Delta Crime Beat: Alcohol complaints and counterfeit bills prompt calls to ferry terminal

The purpose of the Crime Beat is to educate and inform the public about some of the property crime trends being in South Delta and other lines ofinterest.However, call 911 for in- progress crimes and extremities or604-946-4411 for other backing, If you see anything being that you believe to be suspicious.

*Aug. 2, 1600 Block of 56th road Plaintiff reported arriving home to find an unknown lady in the kitchen. When brazened the suspect indicated her mama used to live in the suite and had left her the key. The suspect also left and walked towards 16th Avenue. Police attended and observed several apartments trolled through and set up the yard door uncorked. The suspect is described as Caucasian, 25 to 35 times of age, 5 ’ 7 ”, medium figure, long red hair, wearing a pink dress, and carrying a black pack. expansive details of the area proved negative.

*Aug. 3, 5100 Block of Canoe Pass Way A citizen reported they had lost their portmanteau in the parking lot of a business. As a hunt of the area didn’t find the portmanteau, it was assumed it may have been taken from the area by the finder. latterly, the citizen informed police that someone had posted on a group converse that their portmanteau had been set up.

*Aug. 5, 5000 Block of Canoe Pass Way A business reported a joker had stolen goods valued at roughly$ 800 including hoodies, shirts, a unheroic Herschel back pack, and a skateboard. The joker is described as six bases altitudinous, wearing all black, including a ball cap, T- shirt, films, and shoes.

*Aug. 6, 5100 Block of Canoe Pass Way A business handed police with descriptions of three ladies who had stolen several particulars and exited the store. From the description police located and arrested the suspects who held several stolen particulars. As the ladies were youthful teenagers and the goods were of low value, they were accompanied by police as they returned the particulars to colorful businesses. The suspects were banned from the businesses and their parents were informed.

*Aug. 6, 1 Ferry Causeway Police were informed that while the crew were disburdening the ferry, they detected the smell of alcohol on the breath of a motorist. Police conducted a stop of the vehicle and the motorist handed two breath samples both reading ‘ fail. ’ The motorist was given an immediate 90- day roadside suspense and a 30- day driving suspense. The vehicle was impounded and the motorist left the scene by hack. *Aug. 7, 1 Ferry Causeway Police were informed that a person was trying to pay for a bottom passenger chow with a fake$ 100 bill. As there was a strong odour of alcohol on the breath of the suspect, the director asked them to leave. The suspect left the area by hack leaving the fake bill on the counter. The plaintiff informed police that the suspect had a sprinkle of the$ 100 bills on their person.

*Aug. 3, 3600 Block of Highway 17 Police stopped a vehicle that passed them at an estimated speed of 132 km/ h in an 80 km/ h zone. The vehicle was stopped and the motorist charged with driving at an inordinate speed and the vehicle was impounded.
*Aug. 4, 4600 Block of Clarence Taylor Crescent Complainant reported their black “ Lole ” fanny pack containing their portmanteau and keys stolen from an uncorked rack in the weight room of the Ladner Leisure Centre. The portmanteau contained bank and credit cards, motorist’s license, and$ 60 cash. Surveillance videotape was reviewed, but no footage displayed the stolen bag. Plaintiff advised to cancel cards and consider changing door cinches due to the key theft.


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