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Sonequa Martin-Green Reveals The Sage Advice She Got From Nichelle Nichols: “It’s Yours Now” (EXCLUSIVE)

Whoever said the sky is the limit has never met Star Trek Discovery star Sonequa Martin Green. Along with her breakout role in The Walking Dead the actress has a long list of television credits under her belt.

But of all the characters that Sonequa has portrayed in the past none are as iconic as Michael Burnham.The actress broke the glass ceiling as the first Black female to captain a Star Trek fleet in television history and we love to see it.She follows in the footsteps of veteran Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols who died in late July. In an exclusive interview with Distractify Sonequa got candid about the challenges she has encountered since taking on the role and shared the sage words of wisdom she got from the Nyota Uhura actress before her death.

Plus the actress hinted at whats next for Burnham in Season 5 of Star Trek Discovery. Heres what she said Sonequa took one giant leap for women of color when she joined the cast of Star Trek Discovery in 2017. But according to her making history is not as easy as she makes it look. The most challenging part for me in the beginning the pressure she told Distractify.People like Nichelle and people like Whoopi Goldberg have done so much through this franchise. And I was reeling from it. Like oh my goodness I gotta do everything just right I gotta make everybody proud.But it was not long before she got the nod of approval she did not know she needed.


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