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Snowpiercer star responds to character’s season 3 return

Snowpiercer star Jennifer Connelly has responded to a major character’s season 3 return.

A lingering mystery throughout the latest episodes has been the search for Melanie – to determine whether or not she is still alive after being betrayed by Wilford (Sean Bean) at the end of the previous season. Mel’s daughter Alex (Rowan Blanchard) refused to give up hope as part of a search party, and following some visions earlier in the third season, the real Mel finally turned up in the penultimate episode. It was revealed that Mel had been hiding in a solo train scaler by forcing herself in and out of consciousness with a suspension drug as a means of survival. It was a rewarding moment for viewers – and for actress Jennifer Connelly too!

“I had been back to film an earlier episode, but in that episode she was sort of summoned by Alex,” the actress told TV Insider. “She was in her imagination, walking beside Alex to help her confront that part of her past. So it was really fun to come back in episode 9 and be on set with all those people again. It’s a great group. The cast is fantastic. They’re so talented, and everyone gets along so well and are so supportive of one another. And the crew is amazing. “So just on a personal level it was really great to be back, and I really enjoyed those scenes. I really loved the storyline of her survival, going in and seeing her in that pod and what she got up to and how she made that work. “And I loved the chance to then have her re-boarding the train and getting to see all those people again that she thought she might never see.”

Connelly was thrilled with the “really moving” reunion for Melanie and Alex, though she acknowledges there’s “so much guilt and shame and loss” for them to process ahead. “Of course, she wanted that relationship so much but didn’t feel that she had earned it. She had been away all of those years,” the actress noted. “I like the way it was written that she knew she couldn’t assume a relationship that was just sort of theoretical. In terms of presence together, she hadn’t earned that relationship yet. She had to wait for it and be patient.

“I think that the payoff of it when Alex starts moving towards her emotionally and expresses her love and even just asking her opinion on clothing is so beautiful and it means so much to Melanie because it’s everything she that wanted but didn’t want to ask for because she didn’t know if she had the right to. “So, when it comes her way, it means the world to her. I want to see them together! I want to see them have more of those experiences together.” Melanie’s dark tendencies eventually showed through as she betrayed Layton, so any future mother-daughter bonding might be on hold!


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