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‘She-Hulk’ EP Addresses Speculation Of Ghost Rider Appearance

Kat and Rhys Coiro Deadline With the premiere of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law looming on Disney+, there’s been a lot of speculation as to how the series ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans of the comics spotted an alleged reference to the character of Ghost Rider whose name is Johnny Blaze, with the last name being very visible.

However, it turns out that the name of the character is Donny Blaze, who will be personified by actor Rhys Coiro. During the red carpet premiere of the series, Deadline asked him about his character but didn’t reveal too much. “He’s a very powerful and fantastic individual and he’s amazing and wonderful in every way and he just lives to amaze and entertain,” he said. His wife Kat Coiro, who is a director on the show, jumped in saying that the only person that could answer more about the Ghost Rider possibly appearing was Kevin Feige.

However, it was executive producer Jessica Gao who made a significant clarification about the character that fans had been speculating about. “He’s not Ghost Rider — his name is Donny Blaze,” Gao said before adding the character “is a magician named Donny Blaze.” Gao played down that Donny Blaze was a new version of Ghost Rider saying that “this is just a magician who picked a stage name that he thought was going to get a lot of attention.” The executive producer finished by saying that Donny Blaze is a “big character in his episode but he is not Ghost Rider.”


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