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Regé-Jean Page Speaks Out on ‘Bridgerton’ Potentially Recasting ‘Kind of Horrific’ Duke of Hastings

Regé- Jean Page is wondering how numerous times he need repeat himself The Gray Man actor has no intentions of returning to the cotton- delicacy geography of Bridgerton.( And with the prospect of James Bond on the table, can you condemn him?) Maintaining its batch of cherished Regency characters and the decreasingly successful actors playing them has formerly proved a challenge for Netflix, which lost runner as the rakehell Duke of Hastings after season 1, also was forced to remake the part of Francesca Bridgerton following scheduling conflicts. Now, Regé- Jean is doubling down on his station, telling Variety he ’d have no expostulations if Netflix were to remake his part in season 3.

“ They ’re free to do as they like, ” Regé- Jean told Variety’s Marc Malkin on July 13. “ Shonda( Rhimes, administrative patron of Bridgerton) and I had a awful discussion at the end of season 1. We were relatively happy with how we stuck the wharf on that bone
. ”
Although Regé- Jean admitted he has n’t watched Bridgerton season 2, he nonetheless had a many choice words for the character that shot him to fame. “ We did so well on that redemptive bow that people forget that Simon was kind of terrible, ” he told Variety. Tell us how you really feel, Regé-Jean!Regé- Jean continued, “ He was the stylish illustration of a Regency fuckboy that any of us had come through. And so, because we came around full circle so well, because we stuck that wharf, you ’re left with this great feeling. You really do have to be stalwart about ending stories like that. ”

Although Netflix has made no sanctioned adverts
about revamping Simon, the Duke of Hastings, it seems decreasingly likely such a decision is ineluctable. After season 2 dropped in March 2022, multitudinous suckers noted Simon’s egregious absence, especially in scenes involving his now- woman
Daphne Bridgerton( Phoebe Dynevor, who returned to her part without runner beside her). still, it seems dubious that Netflix would be suitable to get down with eternally benching her hubby, If Daphne continues to play indeed a supplemental part in the ongoing family drama. There’s only so important unexplained trip an followership can swallow!


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