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One Creative Gamer Makes A Paper Mache Recreation Of The Deku Mask From The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Like many video game franchises The Legend of Zelda series is the subject of much fan art. The games have amassed a sizable fan base over time and these fans frequently produce artwork to show their affection for the franchises characters and settings. The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask is one of the well known Zelda games that frequently inspires fan art.

Majoras Mask released in 2000 has gained popularity among gamers for a variety of factors. The array of magical masks Link can don during his journeys which alter how he plays is one of the elements behind its popularity. A gamer recently created fan art on one of these recognizable masks from the game.The Legend of Zelda series inspired this piece of art which PenguinThold a Reddit user submitted in a post. The Deku Mask from Majoras Mask was recreated in this particular fan art which made it stand out. It serves as a transformational mask in the game transforming Link into a Deku Scrub with a new set of skills.

The Reddit photograph of the Mask featured a primarily black top and reddish undertones underneath. One of PenguinTholds design highlights included the recognizable components of the in game Mask. The Reddit user disclosed that they had constructed the complete Mask from cardboard and paper mache.Although Majoras Mask was published more than 20 years ago it is astonishing to see the tremendous number of artwork fans have produced about the game. While the Deku Mask is notable it is only one of the numerous works of art that creative Zelda fans have displayed over the past several weeks. In light of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2s anticipated release early in the next year it appears probable that players will continue to create art inspired by the series for some time to come.


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