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New Thor: Love and Thunder Photos Reveal Surprising CGI In Opening Scene

Thor: Love and Thunder made MCU history by being the only Marvel movie (so far) that used The Volume during its production. This isn’t a coincidence considering director Taika Waititi’s expertise with such technology after using it in for Star Wars with The Mandalorian. However, this move badly impacted Love and Thunder, with a good chunk of viewers criticizing its CGI. Some have pointed out that the CGI didn’t look stunning in several sequences, such as the black and white fight in the Shadow Realm and the appearances of characters, such as Korg.

It got to a point that even its own director and Valkryie actress Tessa Thompson poked fun at the movie’s CGI. Now, a special breakdown of some CGI-heavy scenes in the movie has emerged online, allowing fans to see the complexity behind the process.

Thor: Love and Thunder’s CGI Breakdown
Rising Sun Pictures revealed a detailed breakdown of how CGI was incorporated into significant scenes in Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder. In the breakdown, Rising Sun Pictures or RSP revealed that the most complex work that was done for the Taika Waititi-directed movie was during its opening sequence. The scene was crafted with the help of RSP visual artists’ augmentation of the imagery by adding environmental extensions and dust and sand simulations. The studio also enhanced Bale’s practical make-up to visually showcase Gorr’s emaciated look. Before Marvel Studios’ iconic fanfare came on screen, Thor 4 highlighted an intense sequence between Gorr and the menacing God, Rapu.

Jonathan Brugh as Rapu, Thor: Love and Thunder
In the movie, the size of Rapu’s crown appears to fit his stature, but the CGI breakdown revealed that this wasn’t originally the case. RSP revealed Rapu’s original design, with the fronds of his crown being placed in front:


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