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Loki Set Video Shows Tom Hiddleston in Action

Production on the highly anticipated second season of Loki has begun, and new set videos from the series showcase Tom Hiddleston getting into what looks to be some big action. The latest video sees Hiddleston’s Loki standing in the parking lot of a store, all while acting out what looks to be him traveling somewhere and then bracing himself against something. While it’s unknown what exactly Hiddleston is doing due to the lack of green screen or any proper effects, Loki did travel quite a bit using portals in the first season, so this could be the actor pantomiming the action.

While we don’t know much about the upcoming second season of Loki, writer Michael Waldron — who served as head writer on Loki and as a writer on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness — told Deadline that the team behind the series had found “new emotional ground to cover.” Season 2 of Loki isn’t expected to air until early 2023. It’s currently unknown exactly what the season will address, especially following the chaotic end of the first series, which set up Kang as one of the bigger villains in the overarching Marvel Cinematic Universe while seemingly transporting Loki into a different universe entirely.


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