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Line of Duty could get movie version reveals Adrian Dunbar

Line of Duty favourite Adrian Dunbar has suggested that the critically acclaimed police drama could be turned into amovie.Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar, who played addict-favourite Ted Hastings, has suggested that the hit BBC drama could return to our defenses as a movie and cast his dubieties on a full series.

He supposedly told The Sun( opens in new tab) “ I ’m not sure what shape it ’ll take… someone was talking about a film or perhaps, you know, two 90 twinkles or three occurrences.
“ I ’m not sure you ’d get a full series. But I suppose there’s still an followership out there. It depends what they come up with. ” The television star also apparently revealed that he has a “ feeling ” suckers will hear more on the show’s future “ before September is out. ” He added” It clearly would be nice to get back to Belfast where we have always had good fun.”

Line of Duty suckers have been patiently staying to find out if there will be a season 7 and rumours sparked for a new series after Martin Compston( Steve Arnott) posted a picture of him andco-star Vicky McClure( Kate Fleming) having regale with the series creator Jed Mercurio and Adrian, where he identified the picture “ Talking tattoo designs ❤️ ” Appearing on Good Morning Britain in June, the brace addressed the rumours of an forthcoming season.
Talking to presenters Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard, the stars revealed that they were keen to return.

Martin said of their cast fellowship that” We did say if we ever got 12 million we ’d get tattoos AC12 million, but we have n’t got ityet.However, I suppose it ’ll be commodity we all do together also, If we ever do another series. ”
” So are you also? Doing another series? ” Kate questioned.

” Nothing’s planned as yet, we just went out for a nice mess,” Vicky replied.
” Teases, the lot of you!” Kate called out.

” No, I am telling the verity. Nothing planned and set in gravestone. Like Martin said before, we always have a long break in between series so it’s not really too abnormal to what we typically do, ” Vickysaid.Martin added” We ’ve done ten times now and the fact that people still want to see the show is amazing and if there’s still a story to be told, I ’m sure Jed will bring us back.” Grace is a digital pen withWhatToWatch.com, where she writes series attendants for must- watch shows and the rearmost television news. She graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in 2020 with a degree in Writing and Film Studies, which only made her love for creative jotting, film and television grow stronger.

You will generally find her watching the drama unfold in the rearmost reality series and important- favored detergents( generally with chocolate by her side!). Grace also likes to explore new places with her musketeers and family and, of course, watch and read about the rearmost flicks and television series.


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