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Kelly Clarkson and Anne Hathaway Sang a Duet—And It’s Mind-Blowing

The Kelly Clarkson Show is just pleasurable. Time and time again, Host Kelly Clarkson has used her platform to make cult smile with her vibrant personality and relatable sense of humor.

Clarkson’s also bettered at incorporating her superb musical gift into her show. There are those brilliant” Kellyoke” parts that always go viral, but also delightful music- related games featuring celebrity guests.
Who could forget when Clarkson and Anne Hathaway performed an accidental remix during a fabulous member of” Sing That Name That Tune” back in March 2022?

The thing of the game is to sing the name of the song after only hearing the preamble, and whoever sings the right song wins. Of course, we all know Clarkson has some serious oral chops, as does Hathaway, but it was still inconceivable to hear the brace painlessly sing two songs at the same time over one necessary track.
Hathaway allowed
it was Queen’s” Under Pressure,” while Clarkson heard Vanilla Ice’s” Ice Ice Baby.” The result was a mashup we need officially remixed incontinently. Watch for yourself in the videotape, over.

The Kelly Clarkson Show, naturally, has been decorated with several Emmy nominations and triumphs. When she won at the 48th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in 2021, Clarkson said in her speech, “ I would love to accept the award just for me, but actually, I suppose everybody that is ever done a show like this knows there is a whole mound of people standing around behind the cameras. And our staff and making me look good and sound good and getting these brilliant stories and sincere stories that we get to partake with everybody, and thank you to myband.I thank you for the award, but actually, so numerous people are meritorious of this — not just me.”


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