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Kate Winslet protagoniza la serie ‘The Palace’ para HBO Max

Of the hundreds of movies streaming on Netflix, these are the best of the best.Picture this You are curled up on your couch with a cozy blanket and a bowl of popcorn and you turn on Netflix for a movie. A simple flick through the streaming services Top 10 list quickly turns into a deep dive into every genre and before you know it you have been aimlessly scrolling for a title for 30 minutes.

We have all been there. Figuring out the best movies to watch on the streaming behemoth can quickly turn into a challenge thanks to Netflixs literally hundreds of options. But take comfort in knowing that there is the perfect movie waiting for you.Whatever genre you are in the mood for Netflix has a title for you. Theres rom-coms to make you laugh dramas to make you cry and even musical movies to make you sing. To make your choice easier Marie Claire has narrowed down the best of the best movies on Netflix in each genre for your viewing pleasure. So before you find yourself in an endless scroll turn to this list first to see the best movies that may pique your interest.

You can not call yourself a rom-com fan if you have not seen this near perfect film starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. This film answers the age old question can men and women ever truly be just friends? The answer may not be all that surprising at least in the case of Harry and Sally but the end result is butterfly inducing nonetheless.The British humor is on point in Bridget Joness Diary with Renée Zellweger at the helm. As Jones Zellweger is hilariously relatable and shows that life does not end for women over 30. s quirky imperfectness coupled with two swoon-worthy love interests Hugh Grant and Colin Firth will have you grinning from ear to ear.


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