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Is Vantage Overpowered in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends introduced a new legend, Vantage, to the fast- paced battle royale this season. A many weeks after her release, the community has been quick to form opinions about her. Some in the player base are calling her tackle too overpowered( OP) while others are calling her underwhelming. In the days after her release on 9th August, Vantage’s pick rate soared as players eagerly tried out her tackle. Just three days in, on 12th August Vantage’s pickrate sat at an11.62 pick rate according to the Apex Legends Status. Since also her pick rate has soared indeed advanced and presently sits at13.39. With numerous pro players like Phillip” ImperialHal” Dosen, Jack” NiceWigg” Martin also chiming in about the canvass legend, we take a look to determine if Vantage is too overpowered in Apex Legends.

Why do players suppose Vantage is too OP?
Vantage’s tackle makes her a strong pick for players who play the long- range game. Her unresistant capability allows her to drone heft and gain information similar as Legend name, guard oddity, platoon size, and range. She’s also fairly mobile with her politic and her ultimate provides a damage buff to your whole platoon when used right.

Pros like TSM ImperialHal were n’t a huge addict of the legend when she first came out thinking her to be “ terrible as the game goes on further ”. When it comes to platoon compositions, having further than one canvass character per platoon is n’t ideal. With Seer’s fashionability rising, Vantage may not make it in a lot of pro brigades. foreseer’s information gathering eventuality is much advanced than Vantage’s with the fresh perk of cancelling heals and revives. still, Vantage still has a longer range advantage and her damage suckers make her useful in the correct environment, according to 100 stealers ’ NiceWigg.

The inventors themselves were slightly alive about her preface to the game. Speaking to Dexerto, Lead developer for Apex Legends Chris Winder said that during her development process, there were worries that her long- range playstyle would circumscribe players in a game where spoil is grounded on RNG. Winder said, “ problem compounded a little bit because to really play long- range as a gun in Apex you need a gun rifle and an optical, so you really need to roll the bones doubly. ” In order to fight that, they gave Vantage a gun rifle as anultimate.This effectively gives her three ordnance which can be used at short, medium and long range. While her gun rifle does n’t deal as important damage as its counterparts, it gives your entire platoon a damage buff, which makes for great mileage.

Vantage is also presently stronger than she was intended to be. Respawn Entertainment still has a number of bugs to iron out. A Redditor refocused out that both Vantage’s Spotter’s Lens and Sniper’s Mark capacities will identify the real Mirage and not punctuate any of the baits.


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