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Idris Elba ‘walks away from playing James Bond’ despite being bookies’ favourite to replace Daniel Craig

Idris Elba has walked down from’ times of addresses’ with movie heads to take over the part of James Bond, according to reports.

The star, 49, was the bookies’ favourite to replace Daniel Craig as the super asset, but is keen to pursue other places and has indeed put forward a list of proposed names to patron Barbara Broccoli of actors to play 007. MailOnline has communicated reps for Idris and James Bond directors for comment.
While at the premiere of his movie The Harder They Fall in 2021, Idris said when asked if he will be considered as the coming 007 he said’ No, I am not going to be James Bond.’ He also told The Express about the rumours’ I am presumably the most notorious Bond actor in the world, and I have not indeed played the part.’

Idris also added’ Enough is enough. I can not talk about it presently.’
Despite this Ladbrokes awarded the actor3/1 on taking on the part after Daniel blazoned 2021’s No Time To Die would be his last spin as the character. The bookmakers said’ We have seen a flurry of interest in Idris Elba and have slashed his odds consequently, so much so that he is now the clear fave as far as we are concerned to replace Daniel Craig as 007.’

Also rumoured to be in the handling are Tom Hardy at5/1, Rege- Jean Page4/1 and Richard Madden20/1.
James Bond patron Barbara preliminarily admitted it’ll take a long time to choose Craig’s 007 relief.

The filmmaker claimed it’s not as easy as picking an actor to take on the iconic part of the debonair asset.
Speaking to Variety, Barbara said’ It’s a big decision.

It’s not just casting a part. It’s about a whole reevaluate about where we are going.’
Before this time, the blockbuster ballot’s patron verified Idris was’ part of the discussion’ to be the coming 007. She told Deadline’s Crew Call podcast’ Well, we know Idris, we are musketeers with him, and he is a magnific actor.’

And, you know, it’s been a part of the discussion, but it’s always delicate to have the discussion when you have someone in the seat.’
Barbara added that there’s no rush from Bond heads to name the actor as they wanted to let the cast and crew savour the Craig’s final movie No Time To Die.

She said’ I suppose we’ve decided that until No Time To Die has had its run and Daniel has been suitable to – well, we have all been suitable to savour, reap the benefits of Daniel’s awful term, we are not gon na suppose about, or talk about anybody differently.’
The patron also suggested at a reimagining of the ballot. explaining’ It’s a reinvention of Bond. We are working out where to go with him, we are talking that through.’

She added though that any casting adverts
are a way out.’ We are reinventing who he’s and that takes time,’ she continued.’ There is not a script and we can not come up with one until we decide how we are going to approach the coming film.


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