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Hunter x Hunter Creator Gives Troubling Health Update

After appearing on social media before this time to tease the return of the hit manga series Hunter x Hunter, creator Yoshihiro Togashi has lately been participating his struggles with an ongoing healthissue.Togashi firstly appeared on Twitter in May 2022, surprising suckers by publicizing that the critically accredited manga would be returning and participating runner- by- runner updates in the form of photos of runners. still, lately, Togashi has been participating photos of empty runners, and in a recent series of tweets, has revealed he’s been going through health issues regarding his hand.

“ My symptoms aren’t perfecting, and my treatment and recovery have been taking up a large quantum of my time, ” said Togashi on Friday( restatement via Anime News Network). “ I ’ve done one frame. I ca n’t put strength into my right hand, and I ’m in pain. ” While it’s unclear exactly what Togashi is suffering from, it does feel like the artist has been working through his issues. On Sunday, the artist twittered that a new, clean dupe of dialogue was being worked on for the issues.
The news comes as suckers continue to stay for any and all news regarding further Hunter x Hunter, which went on hiatus way back in November 2018 following the release of its most recent chapter, Chapter 390. Although no new issues have released, it does feel like Togashi is preparing for a large release, as he has been intimating at releasing a full volume( generally 10- 12 chapters) of Hunter x Hunter, although it’s unknown when those will be completelyready.Hunter x Hunter follows Gon, a youthful man who aims to come a Hunter in order to find his fugitive father. Along the way, he faces colorful deadly challenges alongside his Hunter musketeers, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio. The most recent bow, which the forthcoming chapters will assumedly be continuing, follows Kurapika and Leorio on their unfaithful passage to the legendary Dark mainland, as they come entangled in a fierce race contest between colorful tycoons.


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