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Futurama Fans Couldn’t Help But Notice This Big Connection To Disenchantment.

When it comes to a figure who is left the biggest mark on ultramodern- day vitality, Matt Groening is alternate to none. The Emmy award- winning( via IMDb) cartoonist and pen changed the world of TV vitality ever with the 1989 debut of” The Simpsons,” the sarcastic look at a working- class American family that remains the longest- running animated series of all time( via Guinness World Records). also, Groening would go on to develop the inversely cherished sci- fi comedy” Futurama” in 1999 and the Netflix fantasy series” Disenchantment” in 2018. Not only have these shows come cherished masses of pop culture in their own right, but have gone on to shape the image of adult animated shows for the once 30 times.

With such a various multifariousness of worlds and characters, it would feel only natural for the generators to consider bringing these shows together in one way or another. While there have been plenitude of Easter eggs connecting” The Simpsons” and” Futurama,” and indeed a full crossover occasion between the two,” Disenchantment” has always sounded a bit left out of the discussion. still, one moment from the fantasy show proves that its connection to Groening’s former work is lesser than it seems.
the” Disenchantment” Season 1 occasion” Dreamland Falls,” the demon Luci( Eric André) is looking through a special globe that has the capability to see back in time. While trying to partake some important information with King Zøg( John DiMaggio), Luci uses the globe to look back 15 times in the history, where a series of holograms of once events are showcased. One of these holograms that pops up for only a many frames in the background is an image of” Futurama” main characters PhilipJ. Fry( Billy West), Bender Bending Rodriguez( John DiMaggio), and Professor Farnsworth( also Billy West) traveling in a time machine.

With no shadow of a mistrustfulness, it confirms that at some point in time, the” Futurama” characters was in the same time and world as those in” Disenchantment.” This would also inadvertently mean that” The Simpsons” is a part of the” Disenchantment” macrocosm as well, considering that both that show and” Futurama” had a crossover occasion in 2014 that placed the two series in the same macrocosm. While showrunner Josh Weinstein warns against suckers getting too carried down with propositions( via WireTap), it’s hard to deny that this blink- and- you’ll- miss- it- moment is anything lower than solid substantiation that these shows live in some position of durability.


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