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Cardi B reveals her secret DIY hack for healthy hair

Cardi B is participating her secret DIY hack for healthy hair.

The 29- time-old rapper took to Instagram Friday to reveal that she lathers her hair with boiled onion water.
“ My last 2 wetlands I been boiling onions and using the water to wash my hair, ” she identified a picture of her natural hair from before.

“ I used to do this 6 times ago when I started my healthy hair growth trip, ” the “ I Like It ” artist said.
“ I stopped cause I got really lazy. Its odorless and I notice that it’s been giving a shine to my hair. ” The comment section was full of probative dispatches from suckers who wanted to try the pungent practice for themselves.

Her rearmost post comes after she took to social media to speak out about the counterreaction Kylie Jenner has been passing for her gem in the WAP music videotape.


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