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Billie Eilish shares ‘disappointing’ news about third album

Billie Eilish expressed’ disappointment’ to reveal that the songster won’t be releasing her third reader anytime soon.

During her discussion on Apple Music, the Bad Guy hitmaker said, “ We ’re going to hopefully make another reader in the coming time. I mean, it’s crazy.
“ I detest to say this because I know it’s a disappointment to people that suppose, ‘ Oh my God, they ’re making an reader. It’s going to come out soon’. television and The 30th are the only songs that we have. ”

She explained further “ These songs are really current for me. They ’re songs I want to have said right now.
“ I was talking to Finneas and I was like, ‘ You know what, man? I do n’t want to stay until the coming reader cycle to put these songs on an reader ’.

“ And also it’s like, ‘ Wow, we’ve these two guitar songs that are two times old ’, ” she added.


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