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Ben Affleck: what Gwyneth Paltrow said when they broke up… about the actor’s ideal wife

Who imagines Ben Affleck today in arms other than those of Jennifer Lopez? The two fifty year olds ended up finding themselves after a long separation of almost 20 years. Love the real one? Before Jennifer Ben had known a tormented story with Gwyneth Paltrow A story to which the actress had weary put an end.Today the planet swears by Bennifer. Actor Ben Affleck and his ex Jennifer Lopez returned the cover last year after a hiatus of nearly two decades and 5 children between them. But today nothing more exists for the iconic couple than this story almost of the order of a 2.0 fairy tale. A few weeks ago the two stars surprised everyone by getting married in Las Vegas .

Love is beautiful. Love is sweet. And it turns out that love is patient twenty years of patience. Thats exactly what we wanted. Last night we flew to Las Vegas and stood in line to get a marriage license alongside four other couples who were all making the same trip to the wedding capital of the world the On The Floor singer revealed .They were right when they said all you need is love . a life we have had every reason to look forward to. Stick around long enough and you might just have the best time ever at a Las Vegas drive-thru at noon in the tunnel love alongside your children and the person with whom you will spend the rest of your life had concluded the enamored bride.Love is a great thing, even perhaps the best thing and its worth the wait .

Could Ben Affleck have imagined such an outcome as a young actor he fell into the arms of Gwyneth Paltrow? The two comedians met in 1997 at a dinner party at Harvey Weinsteins . The pretty blonde had just split from Brad Pitt and the handsome brunette seemed like the perfect Kleenex relationship. However the story will last almost three years during which the couple will notably shoot the mythical Shakespeare In Love. They split up in 2000 destroyed by Bens demons . I just think we have a very different value system Apples mother Martin once said of her ex.Ben makes life hard for himself. He has got a lot to deal with but you know he has a really great guy.


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