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Ava Max teases that her new album, Maybe You’re the Problem, was born from “the hardest year” of her life

Ava Max is getting ready for her new music period and teased that an forthcoming new song will set the stage for her comingalbum.Speaking with Billboard, the “ Aphorism ” hitmaker revealed, “ I spent all time writing on this coming reader. I spent all last time jotting and it was the hardest time of my life, last time, tête-à-tête. ”
When pressed for details, Ava added, “ This music will say a lot. Especially this new song coming out latterly this month. I ’ve noway written anything so particular and it’s presumably some of the stylish music I ’ve ever written. ”

The “ sickie ” songster is “ agitated ” to be coming out with a new body of work soon, and teased, “ It’s still anthemic and faddish and amazing, but I suppose it’s a little different. It’s more particular and I hope the suckers( like it). ” Although she’s eager to kickstart her coming period, Ava added that she’s “ alarmed ” because her new music is more vulnerable.

“ I feel like a piece of my heart is coming out and I ’m super nervous about it, ” she admitted before revealing her coming reader is named, perhaps You ’re the Problem. She also suggested that she conceivably included more collaborations on her forthcoming work.

In addition, Ava gave a cry- eschewal to her “ Aphorism ” collaborator Tiesto, saying he “ inspired this whole new sound for me. ”

Ava also revealed what inspired her dramatic makeover, where she went from her hand platinum golden hair to a cherry-red chop cut.

“ I was golden for a long time, like four times, and I did n’t change it much. I just kept it golden and I was like, ‘ What’s the craziest thing I could do? ’ and ‘ What’s my favorite color? ’ Red ” she explained. “ Literally, I wear red camo all the time.


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