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Are People Still Watching Westworld?

vThis isn’t a facetious question, but one that I ’ve been turning over in my mind for weeks. First, I noticed that the Westworld Season 4 caravan had, well, a fairly low quantum of views on YouTube.( Sure,1.7 million views seems like a lot, except when you compare it to the House of the Dragon teaser’s 13 million.) also the show premiered on June 19 with little to no hype, nor watercooler buzz. Eventually, there seems to be a general restlessness about the series, despite its each-star cast that includes an MCU star( Tessa Thompson) presently appearing in the# 1 movie in America, Oscar winner Ariana DeBose, Emmy winners Thandiwe Newton and Aaron Paul, and a cherished lead in Evan Rachel Wood.

When Westworld premiered on HBO back in 2016, it was deposited as the network’s coming Game of Thrones. Cult incontinently embraced it as similar, turning it into a mainstream megahit, inspiring addict propositions galore and sparking contestation for the show’s rampant bareness and violence. still, as the times have gone on, Westworld does n’t feel to have matched Game of Thrones ‘s wild season- by- season growth. In fact, it seems to be on a downcast line, which is twice bad considering HBO has formerly proactively greenlit an precious fifth season.
Indeed worse, according to Samba TV’s criteria , Westworld has significantly lagged behind other established HBO shows whose returns were delayed by COVID. Both Euphoria and Succession ‘spost-pandemic premieres were watched by1.3 and1.2 million homes in the live plus three- day window, independently. Westworld Season 4’s premiere only snared,000 homes, which was a 46 drop from the Season 3 premiere.

Westworld is in its bomb period, forcefully. Looking forward, however, is the prognostic for this star- speckled sci- fi show doom and dusk, or can the HBO series brioback?Are People Still Watching Westworld?
The Westworld Season 1 premiere was watched by1.96 million observers, a number that The Hollywood journalist claimed expanded to3.3 million when you added “ HBO Go and HBO Now aqueducts. ” In 2016, this was considered a strong launch. After all, it was way further than the flailing ’70s drama Vinyl and in line with the likes of The Newsroom and early Game of Thrones. Those figures would stay about the same throughout the first season, but Westworld was also considered to be thethird-most “ torrented ” show of 2016. So Westworld Season 1 was popular.

Westworld Season 1 also had a splashy fall premiere date, evidence HBO was confident in its capability to be a tentpole. posterior seasons, meanwhile, were listed in the spring( Seasons 2 and 3), while Season 4 has been dropped in the dregs of early summer. House of the Dragon, the network’s first nonfictional followup to Game of Thrones, has the high late summer/ early fall premiere date, bending it directly against Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series. How important could scheduling impact viewership?
When Westworld Season 2 premiered in 2018, it kept utmost of its Season 1 followership, busting
2.06 million observers in late conditions. Those, still slipped to1.56 million by the end of the season. Westworld Season 3’s overnights constantly equaled below one million, dipping as low as0.77 million.


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