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Zac Efron And Netflix being sued over travel series?

Zac Efron and Netflix are reportedly being sued over trip series Down To Earth, after a company of the same name claimed the show spoiled its brand.

Efron, in the series which premiered on Netflix in 2020, is seen traveling around the world in hunt of healthy and sustainable ways to live, according to reports.
In a complaint filed in Manhattan civil court on Friday 22 July, Down to Earth Organics LLC said the actor and streaming service misled consumers with the show.

The company sells a range of products including fruit and condiment- invested drinks, snack bars and T- shirts, and has produced 65 occurrences on health, heartiness and related motifs since April 2020, the complaint countries.
The life brand said it filed for a trademark for its snack bars back in 2018, along with one for its podcast in April 2020 – three months before Down to Earth debuted on Netflix.

” Food, water and energy are all the main masses for ultramodern life. We are going to see some top eco originators to see how change is an inside job. And we are going to be eating really, really well,” the star said in the caravan.
” We need to start redefining how we consume everything, from our food to our power.

“ Change has to start nearly. perhaps it’s about time we all changed. It’s time to get down to Earth.”
It’s also arguing that the network gave observers the false print that it was involved in producing the series, while claiming the show spoiled its brand with inaccurate and ‘ potentially fraudulent ’ health claims.


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