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‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 release date and new cast members

Its time to grab your flannels cowboy hats and bottles of bourbon because Yellowstone is calling and we are picking up the phone.

The fifth season is on the horizon and there are exciting new additions to the growing cast of everyones favorite Western drama.With an enormously powerful family arguments to all out brawls enough romance to spice up even the coldest heart and the kind of drama you can not help but watch Yellowstone is a must see for pop culture lovers. The show is as gripping as it is thought provoking. Audiences worldwide have begun channeling their inner Yellowstone character and picking favorites they relate to the most.

As the fifth season approaches the stakes are higher than ever and the storyline will need new characters to help flesh it out so who has joining the roster and when can we expect to see them make their big debut? Well we have got you covered. Yellowstone will air its first episode of Season 5 on Nov. 13 which means you have got enough time to binge the entire season before then. In fact you have got time to do it as many times as you would like and with those Rip and Beth scenes and the beautiful scenery you will have a hard time turning from the series.The first seasons of Yellowstone are available to stream on Peacock now and some fans even throw themed viewing parties just in case you need any ideas for your next weekend in.


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