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Will Aldo Be Back In The Conners Season 5?

While Aldo was a persistent and welcome presence in season 4, viewers expecting to see the supporting star in The Conners season 5 might be disappointed. Actor and comedian Tony Cavalero made quite an impression on The Conners as Harris’s hell-raising love interest Aldo. Although seemingly good-natured, Aldo was also both dangerously uninhibited and ludicrously irresponsible, both of which were qualities that made his relationship with Harris a recipe for disaster.

From early on in The Conners season 4, Ben and Darlene and their potential reunion was put on hold by Harris’s extended fight with her mother. Harris choosing to date Aldo despite his age and his children sparked an inter-generational battle regarding her independence from the titular family, which was soon exacerbated by the hot-headed Harris moving in with Aldo. As a result of all this drama, it is understandable for viewers to wonder whether Aldo will even be welcome in the family home during The Conners season 5.

While Harris’s immature boyfriend was a hilarious side character, he was also a major source of conflict in The Conners season 4. It was Aldo’s relationship with this unstable older man that drove her to fight with Darlene and move out (albeit temporarily), and the couple almost getting married led to some serious fights with her family. Since The Conners season 5 must fix Harris’s story and give the rebellious, ambitious character a more meaningful outlet for her angst and misdirected aggression, the sitcom is unlikely to bring back Cavalero’s love interest character. After all, while Aldo was funny, the character was also part of the reason that Harris ended up stuck in a rut throughout The Conners season 4.

Why Aldo (Probably) Won’t Be In The Conners Season 5
Jesse Aldo Golden Moment The Conners Season 4
Thanks to all of the drama that his relationship with Harris caused, it is unlikely that Aldo will be able to become a series regular in The Conners season 5. This might seem obvious, but there is a precedent for The Conners redeeming seemingly doomed love interests. Darlene’s ex Ben stuck around after their bitter season 3 breakup, resulting in Ben and Darlene’s eventual reunion (and wedding) at the end of The Conners season 4. However, since fewer viewers are rooting for a Harris/ Aldo reunion, the character would be left with little purpose if he were to return in The Conners season 5.

There is a possibility, since The Conners takes place in a relatively tight-knit community, that Aldo might crop up again in a future episode. However, the likelihood of Cavalero becoming a series regular in The Conners season 5 is very low due to the circumstances of his character’s breakup with Harris. This is a shame since the spirited supporting actor was a memorable presence in the series. Fortunately, viewers of The Conners who miss Tony Cavalero can find the actor on another John Goodman series, the underrated religious satire The Righteous Gemstones.


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