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Who Is The New Black Panther In Wakanda Forever?

The Black catamount Wakanda Forever caravan ends with a tease ofT’Challa’s successor, but the identity of the character in the suit is kept amystery.vThe Black catamount Wakanda Forever caravan ends with a tease of someone taking up the mantle, but who’s the new Black catamount? After the woeful end of Chadwick Boseman in 2020, Black catamount Wakanda Forever is aiming to continue the heritage of both the actor and the character he so wonderfully brought to life,T’Challa aka Black catamount. Marvel Studios has verified thatT’Challa will noway be recast; still, the title of Black catamount is one that can be passed down and taken on by a new character- commodity formerly established in the MCU- and that will putatively be passing in Phase 4, as seen in the first Black catamount Wakanda Forevertrailer.The Black catamount 2 caravan is an emotional tease of what is to anticipate, showing that the loss of Boseman will veritably much be felt onscreen and in- macrocosm as Wakanda mournsT’Challa. At the same time, the nation also has to deal with an arising new trouble in the form of Namor, with the caravan setting up a war between Wakanda and Atlantis, as had been preliminarily suspected. With this important new adversary, Wakanda will need its Black catamount, which the caravan setsup.A new Black catamount is teased at the very end of the Wakanda Forever caravan, though the identity is kept a riddle, with only part of the suit and a quick flash of claws on display, both seen from before. It’s not 100, but it does look like a womanish character in the suit, which leaves only a couple of possibilities, likely either Shuri or Nakia( it is doubtful to be Okoye, given her duty to the Dora Milaje and that she appears in several action shots). Both characters have been theorized as implicit successors for the Black catamount mantle, though it’s accessible the caravan does not outright confirm it, rather allowing for a lesser reveal latterly down theline.It has long been anticipated that Shuri will be the new Black catamount in Wakanda Forever, and the caravan clearly supports that notion. With the Black catamount 2 caravan about heritage and family, also it would make a lot of sense for her to take up the mantle at that point in time with her country so in need. Shuri has proven herself able on the Wakandan battleground ahead and, since this is a new Black catamount costume, also her being the one to both make and wear it would fit with her established character. Shuri did come Black catamount in Marvel Comics whenT’Challa was seriously injured, so there’s a precedent for it, and the bigger question is arguably how will Shuri come the new BlackPanther?It is not enough to have the suit; the Black catamount’s powers come from an ancient ritual involving Wakanda’s heart- shaped condiment, which was destroyed by Killmonger. The book The Wakanda Files verified Shuri has been working on attempts to recreate the condiment, including using vibranium, but had not been successful. Presumably, either by the time of or as observers will see during Black catamount 2, she’ll have set up a way, which will allow for a new Black catamount, whether that’s herself, Nakia, or someone differently. Nakia is analogous good to be the new Black catamount incredibly near to and trusted byT’Challa, she’s professed in combat, a leader, and someone who helped him see that Wakanda should be opened up to theworld.Another more out- there possibility of who the new Black catamount is in Wakanda Forever is Erik Killmonger. It’s unknown whether MichaelB. Jordan is in Black catamount 2 the actor himself has preliminarily said a return is doubtful, however was not commodity fully ruled out. The Black catamount Wakanda Forever caravan does at least leave the possibility open, because the new Black catamount suit has gold detailing analogous to his( though putatively a little less ornate), leading to the question being asked. The character is dead, of course, but there are ways Killmonger could return in Black catamount 2, especially with the multiverse in play. Still, it remains doubtful that Killmonger is Black catamount in Wakanda Forever he was ideologically opposed toT’Challa, given a befitting ending of his own formerly, and the figure in the caravan looks important slighter, so it would relatively snare with the teases of the effect’s story.


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