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When you write to David Attenborough, he writes back

Two letters received 37 years apart from a British broadcasting icon now hold special significance for one Blenheim family.In 1985 Eliot Attridge then aged 15 wrote a letter to David Attenborough and Attenborough wrote one back.Earlier this year his daughter Arwen Attrudge 14 did the same thing and once again the famous man replied. She did not even tell her dad about writing her own letter before sending it in the mail.

Arwen said she was really really shocked to receive a handwritten reply two or three weeks later.It changes your life she said.Attenborough had been Arwens hero since she started watching his nature documentaries from a young age so Arwen said she decided to write to him for career advice.I wanted to know about future jobs that I could do either helping to fix climate change, or anything to do with helping animals she said.The Marlborough Girls College student said since receiving a letter back she would definitely been a lot more interested in courses she could do in the future that would help her get a job the areas of zoology veterinary science or environmental science.

He suggested that if I am fascinated by animals then I could take a degree in zoology or something like vetting and he said that it would not be a waste she said.Arwen said It took lots of research to find his London address and said she did noexpect him to read it let alone reply as it was her first time writing to somebody who has famous.I just remember being really nervous when we actually ended up sending it I did not know whether it would get there she said.Arwen thought getting a reply made Attenborough seem like less of a fictional character and more of a real person that people actually could write to.I wrote a paragraph about how he probably would not get back to me and I basically just told him that I want to help save the world she said.


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