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What time is Legacies season 4 coming to Netflix?

After 13 years and three series, The Vampire Diaries universe as we know it has come to an end on The CW. But that doesn’t mean Julie Plec doesn’t already have plans on returning to this supernatural universe in the future after the end of Legacies season 4.

Legacies, the direct spin-off of The Originals and the third series in The Vampire Diaries franchise, aired its final episode on Thursday, June 16, bringing the series to a bittersweet conclusion. Longtime fans were treated to appearances from stars Joseph Morgan and Candice King.

Although it’s hard to say goodbye to Legacies, the series won’t be going far. Fans will be able to watch the complete series on Netflix in June 2022 when Legacies season 4 joins the ranks. (The Originals, on the other hand, leaves Netflix by July 2022.)

When does Legacies season 4 release on Netflix, and at exactly what time can we start binge-watching the final episodes of the series? We sharing the release time for the beloved series’ final season, so make sure to set your reminders!

Legacies season 4 Netflix release time The fourth and final season of Legacies will be released on Netflix on Friday, June 24. Like with all Netflix new releases, Legacies season 4 will drop at 12 a.m. PT, which is 3 a.m. ET. If you’re wondering what time the final season will arrive on Netflix in your time zone, check out our handy guide to Netflix releases around the world.

Legacies will remain on Netflix for up to five years after its finale date, which would be sometime in 2027. But since we’re in a new frontier with The CW and the now-defunct Netflix deal, we’ll have to wait and see if these timeframes hold true in the future. Stay tuned for more news and updates about the series in The Vampire Diaries franchise, including the impending removal of the series that started it all. Watch all four seasons of Legacies on Netflix beginning June 24.


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