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‘Westworld’ Co-Creator Lisa Joy On Tonight’s Season 4 Finale Host Revolution, Who’s Really Dead & Season 5 –

We’re a long, long way from the demesne. Flash back, the western city from season one? The season 4 homestretch of HBO’s Westworld wrapped up tonight after a ruckus between humans and hosts and further questions about who’s alive and who’s in the virtual Valley of the Beyond. On a special Crew Call tonight we talk with Westworldco-creator Lisa Joy to sort it allout.Season 4 was set seven times after season 3’s revolution where we saw Maeve( Thandiwe Newton), Caleb( Aaron Paul) and a drained Dolores( Evan Rachel Wood) take out the humungous, prophetic supercomputer Rehoboam. Well, there was further revolution in last Sunday’s occasion and in tonight’s with bodies of humans and hosts lyingabout.Says mannas, “ Humans and hosts, they ’re just going to destroy themselves. Life on Earth as we know it’s over. ”

Host cretin Charlotte Hale( Tessa Thompson) deposited one of the last host plums we know, Dolores/ Christina’s into the Valley of Beyond and sealed it up at Hoover levee, just like Bernard( Jeffrey Wright) advised. The Valley of the Beyond is, well, like a heaven for hosts. It’s also called the Sublime. Charlotte also destroyed her plum and William Man In Black’s( Ed Harris). still, they did n’t make it to host heaven as we know it.
What now? “ cognizant life on Earth has ended, ” says Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores/ Christina at the end of tonight’s occasion, ” but some part of it might be saved in my world. ”

“ There’s time for one last game — a dangerous game with the loftiest of stakes. Survival or extermination, ” continues Dolores/ Christina, “ This game ends where it began, in a world like a maze that tests who we are. That reveals who we’re to come. ” And we see she’s back at the Westworld western city demesne.
Is this the end of Westworld? Was the abuse of power byA.I. always on a vicious circle? Joy tells us tonight her and hubby/co-creator Jonathan Nolan have n’t entered word yet of a season five renewal. still, at the onset of the season she told us that “ Jonah( Nolan) and I’ve always had an ending in mind that we hope to reach. We haven’t relatively reached it yet. ”

Then’s a recap of the fates of sundry characters tonightDolores Christina( and Teddy). Teddy helped Christina see the light and realize she was the soul of Dolores. Christina has an epiphany realizing that she’s a “ program running effects behind the scenes. ” “ Your studies are real and the effect you can have on the world is real, ” says James Marsden’s Teddy. Christina finds the iconic maze totem from the series which jogs her memory. In respects to the world around, Christina says “ It was me, I did it. Hale did n’t design it. Some part of me must have been searching. ” It’s why Christina also created her roommate Maya( Ariana DeBose); to help her make sense of her own tone. After Charlotte uploads Dolores ’ plum to Valley of the Beyond, Teddy gets all glittery, and Christina also wakes up from a dream and see the champaign interpretation of herself. “ I ’m then to tell you the verity about what we are; we ’re reflections of the people who made us, ” Dolores tells Christina. Despite Teddy ‘ fading ’ and getting all glittery, Christina/ Dolores believes he’s real “ and nearly in the sublime ”. The occurrences winds down with Dolores walking out in what aesthetics liked a belted up interpretation of Times Square which also melts down and transfigure back into the Westworld western demesne. “ The Valley of the Beyond is sealed off from the world, and those hosts are safe, and Dolores is safe, well, Christina, ” Joy tells us.
Joy also properly confirms that Dolores is “ in the Valley Beyond. So, she’s alive in terms of her plum, her kind of CPU has been uploaded into this place where all the other hosts went, and so, what’s alive? Does her physical being live? No, and it has n’t was all season. She’s been literally in a walled theater , but now that walled theater has been transferred to a kind of digital perpetuity where presumably she can make whatever world she wants. ”

Charlotte Hale( and William) — Are they dead? Really, seriously? Seriously, there has to be a hole of William and Charlotte plums nearly. A drone host saves Charlotte’s taken body at the top of the occasion and revives her( she was killed last Sunday). “ Make me stronger, leave my scars, I want to flash back my history. Keep my face. When I find William, I want him to know it was me who killed him, ” says Charlotte getting rebuilt by the drone hosts. She’s hellbent to get the joe, William, who she blames for making “ everyone as insane as himself ”. She finds an iPad with a communication left for her byBernard.However, it means Maeve and I are dead, “ If you ’re seeing this. It wo n’t be long before every host is dead. This is n’t the world you wanted, Charlotte, but the world you created, the question is what happens coming? ”
Latterly on at the Hoover levee where William and Charlotte defy each other, the Man in Black believes that he has evolved, indeed though he’s no longer the joe he was. Charlotte believes the same, that she has evolved, and indeed as he tries to impale her with a big cutter, she’s literally as durable as The Terminator. “ You gave hosts free reign to hunt and kill humans, ” says Williams, “ You ’re as f *** ed up as our generators. I ’m going to wipe the slate clean. ” “ That’s your end thing? extermination? ” retorts Hale. As we mentioned over, she tracks down William kills him, and deposits Christina/ Dolores ’ plum in the sublime/ vale of the Beyond. She sits next to Hoover levee after the charge, exhales, opens her cranium, takes out her plum and crushes it. “ How do you die as a host? But if you do crush your CPU like that; that’s where the soul of the host resides, so to speak. So, yes, no further Hale, ” Joy tells us on CrewCall.Clementine Pennyfeather( Angela Sarafyan) is dead, killed by Caleb’s son C( sunup Perrineau) with a shot to the head. She wanted the position of the other outliers from Caleb and C, who she believed were going off thegrid.Caleb and C They make their way to a boat where C heads off with her gal. still, Caleb does n’t want to go. before, Caleb learns from C that his woman
/ her mama failed of cancer. “ Your father failed long agone
, ” Caleb tells her. It’s a teary farewell.


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