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Top Gear’s James May rushed to hospital after The Grand Tour crash

The 59 year old had been filming Amazon Prime show The Grand Tour when the incident is said to have occurred.

Appearing alongside fellow hosts Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond the TV presenter is reported to have been taking part in a drag style race against his fellow hosts.May has reportedly suffered a broken rib but has since been given the all clear following a brain scan and X rays.Speaking to The Sun newspaper a source said It looked extremely worrying at first.Jeremy and Richard were concerned about their mate and the paramedics swooped in quickly.As ever on a shoot of this scale medical staff are waiting in the wings in case as they did here things go horribly wrong.James smashed his head quite hard in the impact and was bloodied by it.He was complaining about pain in his back and neck.He broke at least one rib and was quite shaken by it.

Clarkson and Hammond were said to have left him in hospital to carry on with the trip before May joined them after being given the all clear a day or so later.Crashes sometimes happen while filming a show like the Grand Tour as Richard Hammond has learned all too many times already. While the latest crash is not quite as harrowing as what Hammond suffered in the Rimac Concept One back in season 2 Top Gear successor series did still apparently have a crash while filming its upcoming fifth season.This crash apparently involved James May and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. According to a report from the Sun May was racing through a tunnel in Norway when he braked too late at 75 MPH and jackknifed into the wall. May apparently broke a rib in the crash and had to be checked for a head injury but he was cleared to return to filming just a day or so later.


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