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The Roxanne – A New Amsterdam-Inspired Getaway by Airriva

Next Gen Lodging Platform Airriva Brings Amsterdam Style to the Cincinnati Area with Their Newest Downtown Location.COLUMBUS US August 15 2022 Cincinnati OH Never been to Europe? Next gen lodging platform Airriva just dropped a new Amsterdam inspired property. And after enough Rosés you will literally forget you’re in Cincinnati. No shade to Cincinnati.The Roxanne located at 1833 Sycamore Street in Cincinnati OH boasts two spacious newly renovated one bedroom suites with the architectural charm of a canal side home pulled right out of Medieval Amsterdam.

Downstairs guests can fully play out their European fantasy at a just opened wine bistro and cafe with views of downtown Cincinnati.Airriva a new tech focused lodging platform is relentless in searching for unique boutique properties with an Instagrammable wow factor. When they stumbled on the Roxannes expansive V shaped structure flooded with natural light and equipped with an outdoor patio the vision of bringing Amsterdam to the Midwest was calling their name.We did not want to only portray the Red Light District. We wanted these properties to represent the overall beauty of Amsterdam and all that it has to offer said Beth Shaheen Lead Designer on the project. We focused on some of the other inspirations of the city Amsterdam bicycles Van Gogh Hygge.

Hygge style is meant to be inviting and cozy revolving around creating an atmosphere in your own space that encourages togetherness and appreciating the good things in life. You will find this style in every corner of The Roxanne from the nest chairs colorful decor textures and greenery which embodies the Amsterdam spirit and is an ideal intimate setting for you and yours on date night.The Roxanne is just minutes from everything downtown Cincinnati has to offer sitting directly across the street from the well known Jackson Hill Park a short stroll to The Christ Hospital about a 5-minute drive from Rhinegeist Brewery Paul Brown Stadium and only 3-minutes from Findlay Market. Its the perfect home base for a girls night-out or weekend with the boys.


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