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‘The Rookie’ Season 5: Tru Valentino Upgraded to Series Regular

Officer Aaron Thorsen, Tru Valentino’s character on ABC’s The Rookie, has been promoted to series regular for Season 5, reports Deadline. Valentino’s character made his debut in Season 4 as the newest rookie and he appeared for 11 episodes total. The Rookie’s fifth season is set to premiere on September 5 on ABC. Valentino’s other notable roles in Psychonauts 2 and Fast & Furious Spy Racers. Gamers will know him as various voices, including the title character, in the short tv series released in August 2022 The Cuphead Show!, which is based on the game Cuphead.

Police crime drama The Rookie follows the 40-year-old rookie John Nolan who’s the oldest new recruit at the Los Angeles Police Department. Following Nolan’s divorce, and him inadvertently helping police stop a bank robbery, he decides to move from his home in Pennsylvania to sunny California to become a police officer. After graduating from the police academy, the show follows his character as he navigates his way through life on the job. Creator Alexi Hawley was inspired to create the show after learning of real life police officer William Norcross who joined the LAPD in 2015 while in his mid-40s.


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