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The Nightmare On Elm Street Prequel Pitch That Earned Robert Englund’s Stamp Of Approval – /Film

In “Nightmare 5,” Freddy was revealed to be the result of a sexual assault on a nun working in a (very poorly run) mental asylum. In “Freddy’s Dead,” Freddy was depicted as being a bad egg from the start, killing classroom pets and, later, goading his father (Alice Cooper) into physical abuse. Freddy, by the way, once had his own holiday. On September 13, 1991, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley declared — controversially — that it is now Freddy Krueger Day. Knowing fans certainly observe. Indeed, looking into Freddy’s dark past is something that would have certainly caught the eye of any Freddy Krueger Day celebrants. Englund recalls, in the Dread Central interview, the details of a script making the rounds that would have dramatized Freddy’s evil actions prior to his death and passage into the dream realm. Said Englund:

“There was a great script going around, I think it was called ‘Krueger: The First Kills.’ I’m not sure if I’m right about that, though. At one time they wanted John McNaughton [‘Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer’] to do it and it was Freddy as a killer and the cops have to catch him. So, it’s the two bumbling police detectives that finally catch him, but then here’s where it gets interesting: The whole middle and ending of the movie is the courtroom.”
Englund finds this interesting as, in the mythos of “Nightmare,” Freddy is indeed apprehended and put on trial but, as Nancy’s mom (Ronee Blakley) explained, he got off on a technicality. Nothing more was said of that in further sequels. It was a mere detail that inspired the vigilante’s revenge that took Freddy out.


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