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The Midnight Club’s Trailer Offers Mike Flanagan-Sized Clues About the Show

On June 6, 2022, Netflix released a teaser trailer for Mike Flanagan’s new series The Midnight Club, which is based on the Christopher Pike novel of the same name. Flanagan began production on the project on March 15, 2021, and finished filming roughly six months later. Like the creator’s previous series, The Midnight Club features a small cast, connected by proximity and circumstance, that experiences supernatural events.

The trailer provides some clues to the overall tone and style that Flanagan often brings to his shows, including The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor and Midnight Mass. Fans have noticed his slow-paced storytelling style that provides each series with a mysterious overtone, and The Midnight Club seems as if it’ll follow a similar path. The series features seven close young adults who reside in a hospice under the supervision of an enigmatic doctor. The terminally ill group creates a pact that the first to die will visit the others from beyond the grave. After one of them passes, the group begins to experience an otherworldly presence.

The Midnight Club’s premise has many similarities to Flanagan’s previous series. On Hill House, the show featured a dysfunctional family who re-initiated contact after the youngest of the siblings ended her life. Similar to Flanagan’s new show, the group began to experience spiritual disturbances after the tragic event, but none of these characters were close. They disliked one another and carried baggage from childhood that interfered with their connections. A similar group mentality might become prevalent on The Midnight Club as close-knit groups can sometimes carry secrets that could destroy the bonds they share.

Bly Manor was set at a desolate location in a haunted mansion. Toward the end of the series, it was revealed that many characters had died before the show’s start, and they were haunting the manor. Many fans argued that this made the show more sad than scary, but the creepy tone and eerie feel of the show were consistent throughout. The slower-paced storytelling revealed a much deeper story than first anticipated. The Midnight Club shares the desolate location detail with Bly Manor, which opens the characters to a similar haunting experience where they might realize things aren’t as they seem by the end of the show.


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