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The Hilarious Inspiration For Schitt’s Creek’s Alexis Rose Explained

Annie Murphy made Alexis Rose a complex character on Schitts Creek yet her inspiration for the character was so simple one can not help but laugh.

At the center of the beloved sitcom Schitts Creek is the Rose family and at the enter of Annie Murphys iconic portrayal of Alexis Rose are real world inspirations that make hilarious sense. Schitts Creek follows the once wealthy Rose family through misadventures in the titular town which former CEO Johnny Eugene Levy once bought as a joke for his son David Dan Levy. Rounding out the family is Moira Rose Catherine O Hara and together the four socialites turned motel residents learn what it means to be a family.

The Canadian sitcom aired from 2015 to 2020 on CBC Television and grew in popularity over the course of its six season run. The Rose family losing their fortune in the pilot affected each member at their core setting the stage for much-needed character growth to occur on screen in their frustratingly lovable new hometown. Their unique and often ridiculous quirks formed from lives of vapid luxury put each of them at odds with the various humble and silly residents of Schitts Creek but its these memorable traits and their juxtaposition with salt of the earth living that gave Schitts Creek much of its charm.

Throughout Schitts Creeks run Alexis Rose became a favorite character of the audience thanks to the people who inspired the character. Alexis particular set of quirks were inspired by celebrities such as Goldie Hawn the Olsen twins Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton and of course the Kardashians. While a young Goldie Hawn was the only comparison listed on the character breakdown Murphy initially received for the role she used the reference as a jumping-off point to create further elements herself such as Annie Murphys trademark hand gesture for Alexis. As she stole bits and pieces from more modern It Girls the Alexis Rose audiences fell in love with came to be.


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