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The Golden Girls House Has Been Resurrected—See Inside

Not every TV show stands the test of time quite like The Golden Girls. The sitcom starring Betty White, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty as roommates in a Miami home ran from 1985 to 1992, but has a passionate fan base and a prominent place in pop culture to this day. The interiors of the house that Dorothy (Arthur), Rose (White), Blanche (McClanahan), and Dorothy’s mother Sophia (Getty), shared epitomized ‘80s design trends. Their patterned living room sofa, wooden kitchen cabinets, and linoleum floors are sure to remind most millennials of their own childhood homes, making reruns of the show (currently available to stream on Hulu) all the more comforting to watch.

Starting July 30, superfans of The Golden Girls can get even more of a fix by visiting a pop-up restaurant in Beverly Hills put on by Bucket Listers, a company which curates activity itineraries in different cities and hosts original events as well. The new pop-up, known as The Golden Girls Kitchen, recreates the ladies’ iconic kitchen and serves dishes inspired by the show—including four different flavors of their most beloved food, cheesecake. “We knew the kitchen had to be the focal point of the entire experience. It’s where the girls would come together in the good times and the bad,” Bucket Listers Director of Experiences Derek Berry tells AD. “Cheesecake was one of their love languages and one of the most recognizable parts of the show, it felt like a no brainer to start there.”


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