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The Flash boss discusses chance of Legends of Tomorrow crossover

Spoilers for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season seven follow.

Fans of Legends of Tomorrow have not quite made their peace yet with the show being given the axe after seven seasons. Following an abrupt ending — which wasn’t exactly the network’s fault, as showrunner Keto Shimizu admitted — the idea of having the Legends appear in other Arrowverse shows might bring some consolation to the fandom.

Sadly, it looks like the chances of another crossover with The Flash are pretty slim, at least according to The Flash boss Eric Wallace.”I don’t even know what my order is,” Wallace told TVLine about the number of The Flash season nine episodes. Given Barry Allen might be well on his way to bowing out with the new chapter too, it’s understandable that Wallace may want to focus on tying up his own show’s loose ends first. Hence, saving the Legends, who were arrested and in the custody of the Time Police by the end of what is now the series finale, may not be feasible.

“Going to save the Legends… As much as I’d love to do that, that’s not something that is very easy to do in a season when I may have to wrap up my own story. I want to be honest, and not get anybody’s hopes up!”In April this year, Legends boss Shimizu reacted to the show’s cancellation in a tweet, writing: “We are heartbroken, but also immensely grateful for the amazing work our cast, crew, and writers have contributed to the little show that could. “Thank you to our fans; your love and passion for our strange band of misfits has made every break, every script, every daily, every cut, and every mix worth all the hard work. We see you, we love you, and you’ll always have a place on the Waverider.”


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