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The Boys Star Jensen Ackles Has LeVar Burton’s Saturn Awards Support

If you were following our coverage yesterday regarding Amazons The Boys then you are well aware of the good news. Thats right thanks to social media we know that showrunner & EP Eric Kripke and stars Jack Quaid Antony Starr Chace Crawford Karl Urban Tomer Capon Karen Fukuhara and Jessie T. Usher and anyone else we might have missed have made their way to Toronto for the start of filming on the fourth season. But for this update we are looking back at the third season and how well it did this year when it comes to nominations for The 47th Saturn Awards. With a ceremony set for October 25th the Prime Video series earned four nominations with The Boys Diabolical picking up a nom for “Best Animated Series on Television.

Along with Best Streaming Action Adventure Television Series Starr picked up a nom for Best Actor in a Streaming Television Series while Erin Moriarty has a nom for Best Actress in a Streaming Television Series. But our personal favorite among all of the worthy nominations with respect to those who more than deserved but were left out is Jensen Ackles getting a nom for Best Guest-Starring Performance in a Streaming Television Series for his turn as Soldier Boy. Now as exciting as the news must have been we have a feeling that knowing he has the support of none other than LeVar Burton Star Trek The Next Generation Reading Rainbow is a very very close second.On Friday Burton tweeted out that his money is on Ackles to walk away with the win.

Well it did not take long for the news to make it to the Supernatural stars social media with Burtons tweet retweeted with a caption we can totally respect My brain has officially exploded. Heres a look at Ackles tweet encapsulating the feeling millions would have if we were in his shoes So Should We Be Expecting Ryan to Go Brightburn? Ryan is a really important piece of the story because he has half Becca half Homelander. If Butcher can figure out how to get his shit together and get the kid back that could be the single best weapon they have against Homelander. But vice versa. If Homelander wins the kid over thats apocalyptic because then theres two Homelanders. Its like a child drama with apocalyptic stakes. Its like Kramer vs. Kramer meets Avengers Endgame. So that will be a really rich story moving forward.


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