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Superboy, Robin & Impulse Discover Young Justice’s REAL Nemesis

One of DC’s most iconic teams, Young Justice is stepping into the limelight in Dark Crisis, but Robin, Superboy and Impulse soon discover that one of their allies is not who they seem. With the Justice League dead, Young Justice is reunited, ready to take on responsibility as the heroes the world needs – that is, until they mysteriously vanished. Now, they’re displaced in a strange-yet-familiar universe.

Stuck in a recreation of their ’90s adventures, Young Justice members, Robin, Superboy and Impulse find themselves racing from one mission to the next. It’s difficult not to get caught up in the thrill of being valued once more after being cast to the sidelines and replaced by newer legacy heroes. However, while this world may seem idyllic at first glance, something darker bubbles beneath the surface – and it’s up to Young Justice to figure it out!

The Sea Beast: 20 Things You Missed In the preview pages for Dark Crisis: Young Justice #3, by Meghan Fitzmartin and Laura Braga, Superboy, Robin and Impulse go toe-to-toe with some familiar foes. As Impulse points out, it seems oddly orchestrated: Lex Luthor, Deathstroke and Captain Boomerang were all responsible for pivotal moments in the boys’ lives. While Impulse, contrary to his name, urges his friends to stop and investigate the situation, Robin and Superboy seem more willing to leap into action first. It’s not the first time that Young Justice has found themselves at odds in this series, even as Bart admits that he’s always wondered how he’d act differently when facing Deathstroke again. Cassandra Sandsmark’s Wonder Girl is right there behind him when he finds himself standing over Slade, gun in his hand. She tells him to “Do what you need to do.” It’s then that Impulse realizes that when he changes speed, the world feels like some sort of computer program, with tracking lines all leading to… Cassie. Enjoy the preview pages below:

Out of all the boys, Superboy has been the most ready to accept this new reality, and after all he’s been through in the main continuity, no-one could blame him. Whoever’s orchestrating this reality, they know Young Justice’s inner feelings better than the team does themselves. This cartoonish version of Cassie has been at the center of everything since they woke up in this world. Whenever they’ve begun to question their reality, she’s been there to thrust them back into action. Oddly enough, it seems that Wonder Girl is the true nemesis of Young Justice.

As the six-part series continues, Superboy, Robin and Impulse will explore their current identities in relation to the ‘glory days’ of the past – perhaps they’ll see that moving forward is better than dwelling on nostalgia, and that regret is their greatest enemy, even as hopefully Young Justice is back to stay.


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