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Sister Wives: Why Kody Didn’t Make More ‘Sacrifices’ Than Christine

Sister Wives viewers were shocked to see Kody Brown yelling at Christine at the top of his lungs, claiming he made sacrifices for her. TLC viewers feel that Kody has been a narcissistic husband who never puts anyone else first. His reaction to Christine shows how out of touch with his family he really is.

For multiple seasons, Kody has been blamed for a lot of the family turmoil. He’s made rash decisions without consulting his four wives, like leaving Utah in the middle of the night, moving to Las Vegas, and then moving to Arizona. For years, Kody has favored his fourth wife, Robyn, leaving Meri, Janelle, and Christine out in the cold craving his love and attention. Finally, Christine made the brave choice to leave her husband of two decades and start over. The new season of Sister Wives will show how Kody and Christine handled the hard conversations, and it doesn’t look like Kody took them well.

Viewers of Sister Wives were stunned when the season 17 trailer showed Kody yelling in frustration at Christine in front of the other wives. They are baffled that Kody feels he made multiple “sacrifices” for his third wife. In contrast, it always looked like Christine was the one to put Kody’s needs first when it came to their relationship. Christine stayed home and raised most of the Brown children while Janelle and Meri worked elsewhere. Christine also moved both times, unwillingly, as she made it clear she never wanted to live in Las Vegas or Arizona but did so at Kody’s demand.

Christine Brown of Sister Wives looking serious The biggest sacrifice Christine made was sharing her husband with a new woman while she was pregnant with Truely. Kody almost missed the birth of his daughter because he was hanging out with Robyn. In 2014, Christine had to rush Truely to the hospital due to kidney failure. Kody stayed back as he was planning Mariah’s going away to college party. Christine often described those ten days as the hardest of her life especially since Kody wasn’t there.

So, when it comes to making sacrifices for love, it makes sense that Sister Wives viewers believe Christine was the only one to do so over their two decades of marriage. The newest season will showcase the four couples’ struggles to find common ground. Kody, who has never been one to handle his emotions well, will no doubt have multiple outbursts as he navigates his life with now just three wives.


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