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Russell Crowe spotted cycling around Dublin and Wicklow

The Hollywood star is in Ireland to film a supernatural thriller .

Actor Russell Crowe has been spotted cycling around Bray and enjoying the sunshine as he took a break from filming his new movie.The Hollywood star is here to film his new supernatural thriller called The Popes Exorcist.He portrays the lead role of real life figure Father Gabriele Amorth a priest who acted as chief exorcist of the Vatican and who performed more than 100000 exorcisms in his lifetime. The Italian died in 2016 at the age of 91.rowe took a break from filming at Ardmore Studios in Bray to make the most of the hot spell.He was also spotted in Killiney and Shankill on his bike with his girlfriend Britney Theriot.

The Gladiator star also dined out locally at DeVilles restaurant in Dalkey during the week.DeVilles shared a message online on Thursday and said it was an absolute pleasure to serve the 58-year-old.Amazing to have the wonderfully talented thespian Russell and his charming girlfriend Britney pop into us in De Villes the other night it said.What an absolute gentleman… So nice to all of our staff and so friendly to our other patrons. Here to film The Popes Exorcist we understand.You have our blessing RC What an absolute pleasure to have you here. Welcome to Dalkey.Earlier this month Crowe was spotted filming scenes at Trinity College Dublin wearing black religious garments.Numerous extras dressed as priests and nuns were also gathered to take part in various scenes for the film.


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