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Rebecca Balding, ‘Soap’ and ‘Charmed’ actor, dies at 73 of ovarian cancer

Rebecca Balding, best known for her places on “ Cleaner ” and “ Charmed, ” has failed. She was 73.

Balding failed Monday in Park City, Utah, following a battle with ovarian cancer, Balding’s hubby JamesL. Conway verified to USA TODAY.
Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Balding made her TV debut in 1976, appearing on the action drama “ The Bionic Woman. ” Two times latterly, she landed the part of Carol David in the dramedy series “ Cleaner, ” which also starred Katherine Helmond, Richard Mulligan and Emmy- winning actor Billy Crystal.

Balding was also commodity of a laugh queen colonist, starring in the horror suspensers “ The Silent Scream ” in 1979 and “ The Boogens ” in 1981. It was on the set of “ The Boogens ” that Balding would meet her unborn hubby Conway, who directed the film.” Rebecca came in to investigation,” Conway told People Wednesday.” We gabbled, she read and when she left, I turned to the associate patron and said,’ I could marry that girl.'”
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He continued” Ever she got cast. The first week of firing we went out. That Saturday night, she proposed. And four weeks latterly, while still shooting, we got married. Of course, no bone
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.” Throughout the ‘ 90s, Balding appeared on a number of television series, including sitcoms “ Designing Women ” and “ Home Improvement, ” as well as adulatory dramatizations “ Beverly Hills, 90210 ” and “ Melrose Place. ”
In 1998, Balding scored the part of Aunt Jackie on the fantasy drama “ Charmed, ” starring Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs, which set into stir a nearly decade-long run on the show. piecemeal from Aunt Jackie, Balding portrayed Milano’s master Elise Rothman from 2002- 2006.

Balding’s last TV appearance was on the 2006 “ Charmed ” occasion “ Kill BillieVol. 2. ”
She’s survived by her hubby Conway, her daughters Sarah and Kathleen, and her grandchildren.


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