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Parents warned as Cocomelon YouTube video turns sinister

The video is scaring young kids as a monster appears alongside a horrifying sound.Parents have been warned over a YouTube video trick which is scaring young kids. An innocent clip of Cocomelon soon turns sinister as a monster pops up.

TikTok user charliemarie99 has shared the warning in a viral clip on the social media platform. The clip sees the child friendly character suddenly turn into a monster alongside a horrifying sound.My poor little girl jumped back we was both in shock one mum said. I have already installed it now only reason it was not installed is because its my iPad not my daughters she added on YouTube Kids.Jumped a mile a worried mum replied in the comments underneath the clip as it went viral this week. And another wrote in reply to the viral warning Its awful that people feel the need to do this.

They added Hope your little one is okay Others meanwhile said the video was funny and they said clips like this are nothing new online.CoComelon is coming to El Paso. CoComelon Live JJs Journey is a Broadway style musical that will be performed on Oct. 6 at the Abraham Chavez Theatre.The musical encourages parents and kids alike to get out of their seats and sing and dance along. Publicity materials for the show say it includes favorite characters from the childrens show and over 20 songs including new original music.


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