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One Tree Hill: 8 Best Couples And Their Most Iconic Scene

The couples on One Tree Hill are some of the most beloved teen drama relationships of all time. These iconic scenes show why.

One Tree Hill knew a thing or two about building couples that fans would root for passionately. Even nearly 20 years after the series debuted, fans remain invested in the series’ romantic relationships and still frequently debate which couples were the best and who should have ended up together.Every core couple in the series has its merits, even though they don’t all end up together. Some couples get the fairy tale happily-ever-after that fans want for their favored pairs while others are star-crossed. Yet every couple, no matter how their story ends, has one key romantic moment that fans come back to again and again.

The relationship between Lucas’s best friend, Skills Taylor, and the bubbly airhead cheerleader, Bevin Mirskey, was easily one of the biggest surprises during One Tree Hill’s nine-season run. These two shouldn’t have made any sense together, but their sweetness complemented each other well, quickly causing them to become one of the series’ most beloved pairs.In the early days of their flirtation, Bevin selected Skills in the fantasy boy draft game. On their date, Bevin decided to “Notebook” him, which meant that they spent the night together watching the classic romantic drama The Notebook. Skills had a completely emotional response to the film, leading to the two cuddling together on the couch and quickly becoming inseparable.

Brooke and Lucas’s romance was one of the most popular storylines in the series, no matter how dramatic and ill-fated it may have been. The debate has continued as to whether Brooke or Peyton was really Lucas’s true love, and even though Lucas ended up with Peyton after all, it was clear that he and Brooke shared a unique first love together that no one can overlook.Ironically, their best scene came during the final dissolution of their relationship at the end of season three. Both Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray were at the top of their acting game when they emotionally fought about communication problems in their relationship, with Brooke tearfully proclaiming, “I am not pushing you away, Lucas. I am holding on for dear life, but I need you to need me back.” Their mostly silent, pained dance together during Nathan and Haley’s wedding reception after that was one of the entire season’s most beautiful scenes.


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