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One-Punch Man Cosplay Makes Genos’ Impossible Body a Reality

Ever since it was picked up to be reimagined by illustrator Yusuke Murata, One-Punch Man has soared to critical fame, earning him more than a few cosplays. While One-Punch Man’s epic Garou Arc, is also coming to an end soon, that hasn’t stopped fans from turning out in droves with some of the coolest cosplays imaginable. One cosplay, in particular, manages to bring “Demon Cyborg” Genos’ impossible body to life.

First introduced in One Punch Man chapter 5, Genos is Saitama’s loyal disciple. Genos was once a normal child who lived in an unnamed village away from the world’s major cities. Genos states that one day a mad cyborg came across their town and rampaged, ripping and tearing through the villagers until they’d all been killed- except for Genos. He was later found by the charitable Dr. Kuseno, who then agreed to transform Genos into a cyborg himself in order to one day avenge his family. Since then, Genos has been almost completely mechanical, save for some artificial skin material covering his facial structure. Even his thoughts and memories are stored in his cybernetic core as opposed to a physical brain, and his arms are entirely metallic in nature, making this S-Class superhero one hell of a difficult character to cosplay.

One dedicated fan, EzrelaCosplay, has managed to achieve Genos’ difficult cybernetic look despite these challenges about has posted about it on Reddit. With the addition of some bulky pauldrons and even a set of lights running throughout the limb structure, this cosplay is a masterclass in anime accuracy. Thankfully, aside from his ridiculously complex arms, Genos tends to wear mostly shirtless tees and jeans, or other easily wearable civilian clothes. That being said, any attempt to imitate his intricate arms and the technology packed away within them is a challenging task. EzrelaCosplay, however, has clearly risen to meet this challenge and manages to bring this character’s impossible body to life.

Recently within One-Punch Man, Genos has received the core of his future self whom was killed by Garou. Upon connecting his core from the future to himself, Genos was able to see all of the events which had transpired within this parallel timeline, even witnessing Saitama’s Zero Causality Fist sending him back in time to stop Garou in the first place. With this new information at his disposal, as well as having a second core, Genos might be in line for one of the series’ largest power-ups ever. Just changing out his arms has had massive implications for his power at previous points in the story, and one can only imagine how much stronger he could become with two cores. Alongside this upgrade would likely be a new and improved appearance as well with even more complex machinery at his command.


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