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Neve Campbell May Not Return For Scream 6, But Hayden Panettiere Is Back And Just Dropped A Behind-The-Scenes Pic

The Scream ballot continues to pay homage to members of the ballot’s history while also balancing the benefactions of the new crew that showed up in the unexpectedly successful laugh – the 2022 one, not the 1996 classic. The fifth Scream had a slew of new faces in its cast that joined series authors Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette as well as several stars from the 1996 film who made oral appearances through veritably clever audio Easter eggs. And indeed though Campbell has said she’ll not return for Scream 6 thanks to a reported contractual disagreement, we do know that Scream 4 name Hayden Panettiere is reprising her part, and now we’ve our first look at her in product.

Screamco-star Jasmin Savoy Brown, who played Mindy Meeks in the 2022 reprise- quel, took over the sanctioned Scream account on the social app BeReal( via People) and posted the following image of Hayden Panettiere in the hair and makeup caravan for Scream 6. Kirby Reed is ready for her closeup!And one of the reasons why we’re so agitated for Scream 6 is to find out how anO.G. like Hayden Panettiere will fit in alongside the new crew, especially since Neve Campbell verified she is n’t part of the forthcoming movie. There will be a massive hole to fill, and Courteney Cox could take on a larger part, but our conjecture will be that the filmmakers behind Scream 6 will increase the part of Kirby Reed, a addict-favorite character from a hotly queried Scream effect. Depending on when you caught up with the Scream ballot, your opinion on Scream 4 presumably varies. While surely the most meta of the series, the fact that Scream 4 tried to be a reboot AND a remake had some suckers scratching their heads and others cheering the fresh direction. When it comes to the character of Kirby Reed, in particular, Scream suckers frequently argued about whether or not she survived the movie, having seen her get picked and left to bleed out in this scene.


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