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My Hero Academia Season 6 Will Address a Major Complaint

As the summer anime season chugs along all eyes are on the fall and what the industry will be releasing when its next cour comes around. From Chainsaw Man to Mob Psycho 100 and more the fall 2022 season is stacked. The cour will also welcome the next season of My Hero Academia as Izuku is getting ready to face his most intense battle yet. And now a new report suggests the premiere of season six will address a long held issue with fans.And what could that be? Well it seems like the season is skipping its usual recap. Up until now My Hero Academia has rolled out recap episodes at the start of every season but a source from AnimeTV_JP suggests that will not be the case.

The news does come after a festival in Japan did bring the premiere of season six to lucky attendees. It was there fans were able to watch how season six began and it kicks off with a bang. According to guests no recap was given in episode one as My Hero Academia dove into its raid against Shigarakis forces. But of course season six could slip in a recap episode ahead of the one shown recently if Studio Bones felt a recap was necessary.Given the popularity of My Hero Academia the recaps have felt rather pedantic in recent seasons. They certainly slow the season down from the start leaving Izuku and his friends to claw their way back into action. For past seasons with slower arcs these recaps were tolerable but they have become nuisances as My Hero Academia has grown darker.

Right now there is more at stake than ever for our heroes so heres to hoping season six goes deep in episode one so long as there are not any recaps to slog through.It is no secret that anime has become a major medium in entertainment the industry has taken notice. From large scale theatrical releases to streaming wars anime is causing a frenzy in the media space. Of course major companies like Crunchyroll and Netflix have worked in anime for ages but other powerhouses are treading into the industry. And now it seems Disney and Bleach have stirred up all kinds of buzz online thanks to one intricate rumor.


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